Glamour and Glow

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Event Highlights //

  • Glamour and Glow - Garden of Vogue - San Diego, 2011

    Glamour and Glow presents for the first time, the "Avatar Glow Forest", with various species of plants and water features in a highly unique and stunning UV reactive environment. The goal is to provide a spectacular one of a kind experience, while educating guests of the need to understand, respect and preserve the environment in which we live.

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  • Glamour and Glow - Day of the Dead

    The Day of the Dead is based on popular Mexican holiday, which is celebrated around the world. During the pre-Hispanic era, death did not exist. Death was seen, instead, as simply a transition, a voyage through time and space towards true life. Exit the reality you are in and enter the fantasy of Glamour and Glow!

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  • Glamour and Glow - Uncovered - San Diego, 2011

    A behind the scenes look into the people behind the Glamour telling the world what makes Glamour and Glow so epic.

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  • Glamour and Glow - Fashion - San Diego, 2011

    The beautiful girls of Glamour and Glow, showing the long and delicate process in which they take to prepare for the epic event.

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